Why choose a branded and bespoke planner for your school?

Posted on 09.02.2015 By Jayne Purdy

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Two key questions

When initially speaking to potential new customers about their school planner needs, we recommend they ask themselves two questions:

 “what do we want our school planners to actually do?” and

 “do we want our planners to be used effectively by our students and staff?”

Schools who put a real emphasis on the usability and value to their homework planners usually want them to be multi-functional – this means “off the shelf” or “standard/generic” planner products just won’t be up to the job.


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Your unique wants and needs

We’ve worked with all types of schools across the UK for the past 20 years – all with unique wants and needs for their school planners; we’ve had all sorts of requests such as:

“can we call our homework planner a Student Passport or a Student Organiser?”

“Can we have pictures of students on our front cover?”

“Can we have a funky cover design?”

“can we include our school strap line on every page?”

“can we incorporate our rewards system into our weekly diary?”

“can we include a toilet pass in our weekly diary?”

“can we have days of the week in Polish, Urdu or other foreign languages?” 


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A real connection to your school

Prices for our branded and bespoke school planners include the personal services of our experienced planner creative team. All our school planners are flexible in design, page layout and content – no constraints.  We work with our customers to produce school homework planners, sixth form planners or teacher planners which fit their exact needs and school brand – our aim is to create instantly recognised school planners which have a real connection to your school and will be effectively used by your students and teaching staff.

Let’s take your homework planners as an example:

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Your planner cover design

“what do we want our school planners to actually do?” and

“do we want our planners to be used effectively by our students and staff?”

This element is essential to create awareness of your school brand and the “tone” you want to set to your students when using their school planner.  e.g. we’re regularly asked by our school clients to include a picture of their students on the front cover – we don’t believe this is an appropriate option – it invites your students to deface the cover and immediately devalues their planner.  We prefer to create covers which are cleverly branded and designed to embrace your school’s values and vision, whilst being appealing to your students and their specific age group.

Your school information

“what do we want our school planners to actually do?” and

“do we want our planners to be used effectively by our students and staff?”

You also need to consider the way in which you communicate your school information to your students. Your rules and regulations need to be clear and concise but also attractively presented, so they will be read – 16 pages of bland words will not engage with your students.  So, again on the theme of your school brand, we’d ask if you have a specific typeface requirement or we’ll offer advice on the most appropriate to reflect your school’s ethos, values and vision.  For instance a more traditional school might choose a font such as Times New Roman whereas a primary school might choose a plainer and slightly larger (san serif) typeface such as Helvetica.

We recommend elements of your school’s brand are carried right through your school planners, e.g. including your strap line on every page – this helps promote your school’s ethos and vision with your students. With our prices including the services of our school planner creative team, this means we also offer you advice on how this will work best for you.

Your weekly diary design

“what do we want our school planners to actually do?” and

“do we want our planners to be used effectively by our students and staff?”

You may currently use an “all singing and dancing” full colour diary, just because it was a great price – but is it really fit for your purposes? If you want your students to use their homework planners for effective homework recording and communication – will they take this type of homework planner seriously enough? Does your current weekly diary design give you all the features you need for effective use of your school’s specific home/school communications?

For Sixth Form Planners we would recommend a different style of diary layout to appeal to your 16+ students who are preparing themselves for College and possibly university.

We’ve produced 100’s of different weekly and daily diary styles for our school clients – many of these are in our portfolio to provide you with inspiration and to demonstrate how flexible and creative we can be for this important section of your homework planner.  Again, our school planner creative team would be more than happy to advise you on a diary layout that will really work for your school.

Your planner size

“what do we want our school planners to actually do?” and

“do we want our planners to be used effectively by our students and staff?”

With A6 and true pocket size now added to the industry standard A5 – trust us, size IS important! It’s another factor to consider when deciding what’s the best format of homework planner or sixth form planner for your school.

A5 size has been around forever and it’s still the most popular size for our school clients.  Some of our clients have ‘downsized’ to A6 or True Pocket size – however, we always offer them the same piece of advice – ask yourself those two key questions:

“do we want the homework planners to be used effectively by our students?” and

“what do we want our homework planners to do?”

Yes, A5 size gives your students plenty of space to write and record their homework requirements.

Yes, A6 and Pocket sizes are more portable for students to carry around – but these smaller sizes don’t offer as much space to write.

We recommend A6 and Pocket sized homework planners are purchased by those schools who just need to communicate information to their students and not for students who need to record lots of information.

So there you have it, purchasing a school homework planner or teacher planner is not just based on cost, there are many more factors to consider if you want a school planner which will be regarded as an integral link in your school homework communications.  If your answer to our two key questions is pretty specific then you’re definitely looking at a branded and bespoke school planner to fit your school’s needs.

View our school planner sample today or talk to us today about your specific needs for school homework planners or teacher planners – call our team on 0845 200 2909 or email


What our clients say ...

  • Super service, always someone on the end of a phone, quality product for a bespoke planner.

    High Arcal School
  • Professional, efficient and friendly.

    Munich International School
  • We’ve used your company for a number of years now and always been totally satisfied with the quality of service and products we’ve purchased.

    University Academy, Holbeach
  • Very reliable and really appreciate their friendly service.

    Chiswick School
  • Friendly, reliable and helpful.

    The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College
  • An easy, hassle free experience from start to finish. As a repeat customer the service continues to be excellent.

    Brockington College
  • Very professional and reliable service.

    Corpus Christi Catholic High School
  • Excellent service and turnaround with our limited timescales. We are thrilled with them – thank you!

    Birmingham City University
  • Good communication, satisfied with quality and price and the ability to tailor pages to our needs.

    Sheffield College
  • The academic planners arrived yesterday, and we are delighted with them! Thank you so much for all your help!

    The American School in England

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