We really do have a solution for all schools’ homework and teacher planner needs!

Posted on 22.02.2016 By Andrea Harrison

As a major supplier of school homework planners and teacher planners for over 20 years, we know there are two main types of planners that schools look to purchase:

1) “bespoke”, “branded”, “customised”, “tailored to exact needs”, “premium” “all singing and dancing” or
2) “generic”, “off the shelf”, “one style fits all” “budget” and, dare we say it “bog standard”

Pros and cons

Both of these school planner types have their own merits and “pros and cons” – but, it’s become a minefield to schools for what’s on offer in the world of homework and teacher planners. In less than 5 minutes you can probably request a dozen free sample packs from various school planner suppliers, all offering different features, benefits and special offers to grab your attention and your school’s planner business!

Here at we offer solutions for both types of school planners. In these financially challenging times, we appreciated that cost can be at the top of schools’ purchasing criteria – however, we believe in offering “best value” and “value for money” which means we consider cost along with other aspects such as quality, durability, creativity and a personal, friendly service.

To help you come to a decision on which school planner is most suitable for your school we recommend you ask yourself this question?

“what do we want our school planners to actually do?”


1) “bespoke”, “branded” “customised”, “tailored to exact needs”, “premium”

dairies &plannlogo

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If your answer runs into a list of specific wants and needs then you’re looking at a bespoke school planner – a homework or teacher planner which totally fits the bill in terms of design, content and layout style to integrate with your school’s curriculum, daily lessons and home-school communications.

Our branded and bespoke school planner service is perfect for this type of planner. We work closely with our clients to understand them and their needs to create school planners which reflect their brand, goals, values and vision.


2) “generic”, “off the shelf”, “one style fits all” “budget” “bog standard”

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5 steps generic

If your requirement tends to be based on cost alone then we’ve got you the perfect solution – saving your school money and time!

Our DIY ed School Planner Store is ideal for primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms or teachers looking for either lower quantities of school planners or who just don’t have the thinking time to create their own bespoke version.

Our DIY ed School Planner Store provides a range of appropriate cover designs and diary templates to suit most age groups and varying number of lessons in the school day for your teaching staff.

Ordering online takes just 5 easy steps with no complicated and time consuming order forms to complete.

So there you have it, we can give you a solution for both these most popular types of school planners!

1) “bespoke”, “customised”, “tailored to exact needs”, “premium” planners
Visit our special offers today – save up to 25% discount by ordering earlier in the year.
Or give us a call on 0845 200 2909 and discuss your needs with our friendly team.

2) “generic”, “standard”, “off the shelf”, “one style fits all” “budget”
visit today, download a Price List and order your customised school planners directly online in just 5 easy steps!


What our clients say ...

  • Super service, always someone on the end of a phone, quality product for a bespoke planner.

    High Arcal School
  • Professional, efficient and friendly.

    Munich International School
  • We’ve used your company for a number of years now and always been totally satisfied with the quality of service and products we’ve purchased.

    University Academy, Holbeach
  • Very reliable and really appreciate their friendly service.

    Chiswick School
  • Friendly, reliable and helpful.

    The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College
  • An easy, hassle free experience from start to finish. As a repeat customer the service continues to be excellent.

    Brockington College
  • Very professional and reliable service.

    Corpus Christi Catholic High School
  • Excellent service and turnaround with our limited timescales. We are thrilled with them – thank you!

    Birmingham City University
  • Good communication, satisfied with quality and price and the ability to tailor pages to our needs.

    Sheffield College
  • The academic planners arrived yesterday, and we are delighted with them! Thank you so much for all your help!

    The American School in England

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